Orkney-English results

wirk • work verb (past tense wrowt)
  1. work
  2. be employed (at)  ☞ “He wrowt at Gorn a whiley”
  3. (of ale) ferment
  • tae wirk a sock to knit a sock
  • tae work the creels to fish lobsters
  • tae wirk a wark
    1. to be busy about something  ☞ “Whit a wark he’s wirkan doon there at the corner” “He was building a house”
    2. to make mischief  ☞ “Whit a wark that young fulloos were wirkan at Edwin’s last night” (they were playing Hallowe’en pranks)
    3. to behave in an odd way  ☞ “Every time I stert me car hid splutters an wirks a wark”
  • wirkeen working  ☞ tae go fae wirkeen (of machinery etc