Orkney-English results

wind noun
  1. wind  ☞ “Ah’m heard the wind blowan afore” “I don’t believe you will do what you say you will”
  2. air  ☞ “I must pit some wind in me tyres”
  • wind bird • wind cuffer kestrel (from its habit of hovering in the air when searching for prey)
  • wind-blether sea-shell
  • wind-feeder shower which brings with it an increase in the wind’s strength
  • windrift ruin or destruction  ☞ “Hid’s aa gin tae windrift”
  • wind-skew board with a long stick attached to it, used to change the draught in the open central flue • of the Old Orkney house
  • windthrush redwing
  • windy call by schoolboys when a player of the opposite team kicks a ball out of play, sarcastically suggesting that the breach has been caused by the wind
  • windy-whistle acute pain in the front tee