Orkney-English results

whit pronoun what
  • whit wey how  ☞ “Whitwey deu I get oot o here noo?”
  • Whit wey hid? Why not?  ☞ “Ah’m no gaan tae the toon the morn efter aal”  ☞ “Whit wey hid?”
  • whit a curtailed form of whit a lot o e.g.  ☞ “Whit a kye in the mart the day” “What a lot of cattle in the mart today”  ☞ “Whit o’clock is hid?” “What time is it?”
  • whit time? when?  ☞ “Whit time are yi gan oot?”
  • whitan what  ☞ “Whitan bonny flooers!”
  • whit-like how? (especially in the common social greeting)   ☞ “Whit like the day?” “How are you today?”
  • whitna what? as in  ☞ “Whitna man is that?”