Orkney-English results

watter noun water  ☞ tae wade the watter • tae be through the watter referring to passage through life’s troubles  ☞ “Wir been through the watter and we ken hoo deep hid is”
  • watter-arro • watter-arvo common chickweed
  • watter-berge  see berge
  • watter-blot rinsing water
  • watter-hen moor hen (in Ork moor hen is reserved for the red grouse)
  • watter-pleep snipe
  • watter-traa heartburn
  • wattery-pleeps redshank
  • wattery-wagtail pied wagtail, so called because it is supposedly a sign of rainy weather if it comes near the house
  • wattereens noun watering hole for cattle in the old days