Orkney-English results

the definite article
  1. used instead of a possessive pronoun eg the wife instead of my wife
  2. used frequently where English would miss it out  ☞ “Ah’m gan tae the kirk”  ☞ “The bairns are awey tae the school”  ☞ “John’s for the toon”  ☞ “He tuk tae the laugheen” “(He started to laugh)”
  3. used derogatorily instead of a possessive  ☞ “He wis standan there, the fag in the mooth”  ☞ “The mither o him wis nivver home.”
  4. as in 2, the definite article is frequently used before professions  ☞ “He works at the joiner wark”  ☞ “He wrowt at the plumber wark a whilie”
  5.   ☞ the day, the morn, the night today, tomorrow, tonight