Orkney-English results

  1. noun
    1. tail
    2. tail shaped piece of land
  2. verb cut the tail off, especially turnips  ☞ “We tailed twa three dreel o neeps afore denner”
    • tail girdeen that part of a horse’s harness which goes under the tail
    • tail puddeen very fatty type of mealy pudding used to counteract the effect of alcohol
      The fiddler who played at a wedding feast was traditionally met at the yard slap (gate) and had to eat a tail puddeen to ensure that he remained sober for a reasonable period of time.
    • tail sweepers
      The last couple at the end of a wedding procession who, with besoms, removed the evidence of the party and prevented evil spirits following in their train. This couple were doomed to remain unmarried for a year.
    • Taily Day • Taileen Day second day of April (It was common throughout Orkney until fairly recently to pin a tail secretly on someone as a prank)