Orkney-English results

taas (the) noun leather belt formerly used by teachers to punish children
tak verb (past tense tuk, tuik, past participle taen, tin, teen) take  ☞ “The frost’s taen the air” “The air is very cold”
  • tak at get on with it • do the other thing • lump it  ☞ “If tho disno like hid, thoo can just tak at”
  • tae be taen to die; in olden days it was taboo to use the name of someone who had recently died “Him (or her) thit was taen” was used instead
  • tae tak oot
    1. to take peats from the person cutting them and to set them on the bank
    2. (of weather) to improve
  • tae tak paece to settle down  ☞ “I wish that bairn wid tak paece”
  • tae tak tae to start to  ☞ “He tuk tae the laugheen” “He started t
    taste noun taste  ☞ “They never askid me whether I hid taste or smell” “They offered me nothing to eat”
    • tasteless • taseless adjective
      1. tasteless
      2. sad • disappointing  ☞ “Sheu haed a kind o taseless homecomeen, coman home tae a funeral” (Westray)
    thight adjective
    1. tight
    2. tight-lipped
    tweesto noun two strands of wool twisted together
    tyst • tystie • teistie noun black guillemot