Orkney-English results

teeter verb laugh in a secretive manner
thir1 pronoun and verb they are
thir2 pronoun and verb there are • there is
thraa • traa verb twist, especially to thraa the neck the traditional method of killing a hen
  • in a thraa/traa in a knot
  • thraan awkward • cross-grained
tirrie • tirrie-wirrie adjective cross • petulant • peevish
t’ither pronoun
  • the t’ither
    The other, e.g. if you have four blocks of wood and you want to place them in two groups you would “Pit the wan wi the wan and the t’ither wi the t’ither”.
toorie noun
  1. bobble on a bonnet
  2. knitted hat with a bobble on it
trow noun troll (In Ork legend there were hill-trows and sea-trows. Trow came to be synonymous with the devil which was known as Drow)
  • trow tak thee
  • trow glove curse • sea sponge also known as: Dead Man’s Fingers
trowie noun troll
  • trowie • trullie adjective
    1. sickly or ailing
    2. of poor quality  ☞ “That’s trowie things o coorteens - thir aal fa’an tae pieces wi the sun”
  • trowie-like having the appearance of being ill
  • trowie-girse • trowie-glove foxglove
  • trowie-spindle mare’s tail (grass)
twa numeral
  1. two
  2. few  ☞ “Ah’ll gae thee twa eggs tae tak home wi thee tae thee tea”
  • twa-three • twartree few