Orkney-English results

spoot noun
  1. spout
  2. razor fish
  3. rain gutter under the eaves of a house
  4. lemonade
  • spoot whale porpoise
  • spoot ebb  ☞ “Thir should be a good spoot-ebb the night” “in the spring of the year the sea ebbs far out and allows spoots to be caught”
  • spoot girse angelica, cow parsley, used by young boys for making water squirts
  • spootricks • splutter
    Butter softened in the mouth before it is applied to bread. (An old story known throughout Orkney tells of the herdie boy taking shelter in a house who was offered a biscuit and butter by an old lady. She gave him the choice of toomspread or spootricks. He did not know what spootricks was but looking at her dirty hands he decided that this method could not be worse than butter spread by her thumb. He must have regretted his decision!)