Orkney-English results

  1. preposition over
  2. adverb rather  ☞ “Sheu wis standan ower closs tae the fire”
    • ower-gaen over-run  ☞ “Me gairdeen’s ower-gaen wi weeds”
    • ower-gyaan clumsy and hurried  ☞ “Sheu wis that ower-gyaan I kent fine sheu wad knock hid doon as sheu gaed by”
    • ower-weel satisfactory  ☞ “Oh hid’s ower-weel”
    • ower-weel hid that’s alright by me
    • ower-weel kent well known, in a disparaging sense
    • ower-end to set on end
    • owers noun
      1. what is left over
      2. more than is required
    • ower verb overcome • to get over  ☞ “Wir owered the ’flu for a mercy”