Orkney-English results

oot preposition and adverb out
  • oot-aboot out and around  ☞ “Wi the fine weather grandad can go oot-aboot again and that’s lightsome for him”
  • oot taed • oot-aboot-taed • oot-feeted splay footed
  • oot-be-telled outrageous • beyond belief  ☞ “The wark yin bairns is wurkan is jist oot-be-telled”
  • ootfa downpour
  • oot-mochted exhausted
  • oot o the wey out of the way  ☞ no oot o the wey (of price) reasonable  ☞ “£2 for that piece o maet is no oot o the wey”
  • ootrug outward current
  • ootside-in inside-out
  • oot-tak substance  ☞ “Thir’s no muckle oot-tak in that”