Orkney-English results

maagse • mogse
  1. verb walk with difficulty through deep mud
  2. noun thick mud
makk verb (past tense meed, past participle meed) make  ☞ “Makk thee supper” “Have your supper”
  • makk weet rain
  • makk (fur) home head home
  • makk on • makk a deu pretend
  • makkadeu noun pretence • deception
  • makkie up tune composed on the spur of the moment
manse noun dwelling house of the minister of a church
Mansie noun
  1. popular form of the personal name Magnus
  2. in Caithness a nickname for an Orcadian  ☞ a boat load o Mansies
mask verb brew or infuse tea
mense noun large quantity of something  ☞ a mense o cars
messages noun shopping  ☞ “I always go for messages on a Thursday”
mine’s pronoun mine, in children’s language  ☞ “Whar’s shoes is this?”  ☞ “Mine’s”
misca verb
  1. miscall
  2. speak ill of someone
miss noun
  1. miss
  2. loss  ☞ “Whit a miss Bella’s gan tae be in the shop”
mogie • moogan noun mitten
moose noun mouse  ☞ better a moose in the pot than no maet at aal an injunction to be satisfied with what is available
  • moosefa mousetrap
  • moosie-haak kestrel
  • moose-pea purple vetch
  • moose-wab cobweb
moss noun
  1. moss
  2. moorland
  • paet moss piece of ground where peat can be cut
  • upper moss upper peat
  • lower moss • buddum moss lower peat in the peat bank
mozie • mozed adjective mouldy • decayed
muck verb clean out a byre
  • muck-hole hole at the end of the byre through which dung was thrown