Orkney-English results

makk verb (past tense meed, past participle meed) make  ☞ “Makk thee supper” “Have your supper”
  • makk weet rain
  • makk (fur) home head home
  • makk on • makk a deu pretend
  • makkadeu noun pretence • deception
  • makkie up tune composed on the spur of the moment
maxie (the) noun myxomatosis in rabbits
  • maxie adjective rabbit with myxomatosis  ☞ a maxie rabbit
messigate • messagate • messiegate noun right-of-way to a church
mighty exclamation remark indicating surprise: also  ☞ “Mighty me!”  ☞ “My mighty”  ☞ “My mighty be here”
mozie • mozed adjective mouldy • decayed