Orkney-English results

maa1 • meh
  1. verb (of sheep) bleat
  2. noun
    1. bleat
    2. enticing call to a lamb
maa2 noun sea-gull
mae noun sand dune or stretch of sand
maithe • maisan • meeo • meeth • meethe • meethis noun point on land used by fishermen to mark or establish their position at sea
man verb must • have to
me pronoun
  1. me
  2. my  ☞ “Tak me claes here”
  3. myself  ☞ “I think Ah’ll go and wash me afore I go tae bed”
  • mesael pronoun myself
Mey noun
  • Mey-bird noun whimbrel, a spring and autumn migrant, nesting in late May/early June
  • Mey-flooer primrose
  • Mey-term
    Traditionally (and legally) the Scottish year was divided into four terms. The May term and the November term are best known because it was at these times that contracts ended and people could move house or flit.
mummie noun small fragments  ☞ “The cup just gid in mummie”