Orkney-English results

aboot preposition about
  • aboot ages about the same age  ☞ “He wis aboot ages wi me”
  • aboot-gaan buddy • gaan-aboot buddy person who always seems to be visiting or going about
  • aboot-hands in the vicinity  ☞ “Is thee mither aboot-hands?”
  • home-aboot in or around the house  ☞ “He lay home-aboot for a while”
  • in-aboot inside  ☞ “Bide in-aboot, bairns, till that unkan man’s by”
  • oot-aboot out and about  ☞ “Willie can get oot-aboot noo the weather’s warmer”
  • aboot-kast sudden change in the direction of the wind
  • aboot-gaan variable  ☞ “Hid’s a aboot-gaan wind”